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Are you tired of trying to lose weight?
Are you frustrated with not knowing what to eat? 
Do you feel like you're constantly at war with your body? 

Colorful Macaroons

Are you ready to feel free to enjoy food and feel at peace with your body? 



I'm Katie Kroeker, a Registered Dietitian from the tiny town of Birch River, MB. 

I help women accept their bodies, feel comfortable and confident around food and feeding their families. I offer a non-diet approach that focuses on Intuitive Eating, self care, and body image work rather than weight loss.

I believe in fat positive and compassionate care that gives acceptance and dignity to all. It is important for me to create an inclusive space. I do my best, but have to acknowledge that my identity holds many privileges that can limit my understanding and recognition of the experiences of others.


I love to learn more about how I can be an ally in all ways. I am passionate about helping you find freedom in your relationship with food and your body.

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